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yeah, haven't been on here since april.... down to 120lbs now. 26" waist. down to a size four again.

and still losing.

I'm not on my specific diet or anything... and since I got a boyfriend I've been eating a little more.

but mostly just eating about once a day... under 1000 cals I guess... but was still drinking pretty regularly until just recently.

going to try to get back into walking again. stop being a lazy ass.

had a few more episodes of cutting... actually had to get staples (15 to be exact) on my last cuts. blah... but that was a few weeks ago.

after I cut off contact with my (ex) best friend Ashley, things have been better.
she was seriously dragging me down.

I had summer classes, that's where I met George, my boyfriend... fall semester started august 31st.

i'm definitely a broke college student. have to pay $90 before they cut off my electricity with money I guess i'm gonna pull out of my ass.

oh, sometime this summer I got diverticulitis. pretty sure from laxative abuse. my intestines are pretty much back to normal now.

I definitely stopped purging. although my latest ECG came back pretty normal, and my blood pressure is the typical stable/low, my pulse rate doesn't go below 90, and is averaging around 100, and sometimes going up to 110's-120.

it's funny, i'm not dieting, but I really don't have money for food anyway. and if I did i'd probably spend it on beer. but since I don't want to drink in hoping of cutting out extra calories i'm actually okay with it. any money is going toward bills, and paying back the people who have helped me out with my cost of school books.

I think i'll be okay once my grant money comes in, but that will probably be next month. *grumble* being poor sucks. but at least I have a roof over my head, education, and cats. oh yeah, and now George.

the sex is pretty good. it felt weird at first since I hadn't fucked anyone in over two years. but hey, pretty great now. plus he says i'm the bestest in bed. not to give TMI, but we leave bruises and scratch marks on each other. just go kinda wild. he says i'm kinky... never been called that before. I think I just associate pain with pleasure. he says it's sexy when I take pain. I try not to be too violent. I accidently made him bleed one time. he says he doesn't mind.

he choked me a little hard one time and left finger print bruises around my throat and some on my wrists. Ashley (ex best friend) was convinced he was beating me haha. i'm like no, it's none of your business, and besides he looks worse than I do.



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